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Key Features

Discover our innovative solutions that give you the edge

Flexi-Reporting: Effortless and Simplified

  • Fast track your modelling with prebuilt templates.
  • Create detailed, custom reports in moments with our No-Code Reporting solution.
  • No code model builder build what your business needs.
  • Simplify your process of generating financial statements, KPIs & Metrics with ease.

Generate Financial Reports In Seconds

  • Save countless hours spent on financial report preparation.
  • Handle dimensional reporting, flux analysis, variance analysis, and essential KPIs swiftly with our tools.
  • Present reports in customizable themes and formats your leaders prefer.
  • Generate executive summaries with tables, charts, and notes for quick decision-making.

360° Financial Analysis with GenAI: Get the Full Picture Instantly

  • Leverage GenAI technology to identify abnormalities and summarise financial performance instantly.
  • Assess historical trends, performance against budgets and KPIs systematically.
  • Drill down from financial statements to transaction details for clarity with ease.
  • Access insights from both business and finance angles for a well-rounded view.
  • Track trends and manage finances with customizable dashboards for actionable insights.

Instant consolidation: One Click To Group Insights

  • Reduce your waiting time with our tools.
  • Consolidate multiple companies with ease.
  • Witness group financial results unfold as each entity submits its data.
  • Automate various views including group, company, and segment, along with variance analysis at the group level.

How does it work?

Your Finance Leader’s Command Center—Simplified

Integration Made Easy

Link up with your ERP or accounting software, or upload data directly, the way you want —our platform makes it seamless and simple.

Map and Report with Precision

Convert your data into comprehensive reports. Our smart mapping ensures accuracy and speed, simplifying report generation processes.

Custom Templates

Simplify financial tasks: Build custom or use pre-built templates for reporting, KPIs, variance analysis, and consolidation.

Deep Dive Analysis and Approvals

Utilise robust tools to deep dive on the financial statements, conduct analysis, uncovering insights that drive powerful strategies

Keep Stakeholders Informed

Impactful financial insights for informed decisions. Present your financial performance report, the way business demands.

How does it work?

Your Finance Leader’s Command Center—Simplified

What sets us apart?

Transforming Finance: Empowering Your Finance Team to Drive Business Beyond Reporting

Implementation in a matter of days

Get up and running in no time. We understand the urgency, so we cut the wait to let you start achieving more sooner.

Familiar Yet Innovative

Feel at home immediately with our user-friendly interface, crafted to feel like the tools you already know and love.

Tailored Reporting

Get reports tailored to your business's rhythm using our no code builder. Whether it’s handling multiple business dimensions, currencies or reporting needs, we’ve got you covered.

Smart Tools

Instil intelligence in every step of the process. Be it Modelling, Mapping, Reconciliation, Anomaly Detection and Highlighting Exceptions.

Gold Standard In Financial Analysis

Collaborate across teams, to generate insights using a comprehensive analytical process: flux analysis, budget variance analysis, and KPI reviews.

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