90% reduction in report preparation time will help the finance team to focus on analysis and business support.


360° view of the business for driving growth. Achieve fast finance closing and bring visibility to financial performance in near real-time rather than waiting for days.


100% Compliant for Finance closing process. Collaborate across finance and business team to bring reliability to financial report.

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From Clutter to Clarity: Real-world scenarios of how ResultLane can empower your finance teams.

  • Statutory Financial Reporting

  • Management Financial Reporting

  • Consolidation Solution

  • Shared Services

Clone & Customize Pre-Built Models or create from Scratch

Get started quickly with pre-built models tailored to your specific industry and reporting requirements. Customize them further to perfectly fit your unique reporting requirements and data structure.

Generate Financial statement with Schedules

Generate complete financial statements and accompanying schedules with confidence. ResultLane automates calculations and data population, minimizing errors and saving you valuable time.

Create Executive Summary

Effortlessly create clear and concise executive summaries that highlight key financial metrics and trends. ResultLane helps you focus on impactful communication with stakeholders.

Add workings in inbuilt Sheets

Maintain complete transparency with the ability to add detailed workings directly within ResultLane.

Flux Variance

Track growth between month on month, quarter on quarter and year on year in Financial Statement at granular level. Investigate and share your observations amongst finance and business users.

Historical vault

Keep all the audited financial statements in one place, as a single source of truth along with the Trial balance. Use Metrics and Analytics to observe the long-term patterns.

Remote Audit

With our solution, you can get the audit carried out remotely through the combination of collaboration, artefact, Inbuilt Sheets and user access rights features. This helps in reducing audit burden and make the audit fast.

Cost Center Reporting

Gain clear visibility into costs associated with specific departments or functions. Identify areas for optimization and improve overall financial health.

Budget Variance Vs. Actual Variance

Track how your actual performance compares to the budget. Investigate and share your observations amongst finance and business users. Collaborative feature helps you to take corrective actions to stay on track.

KPI and Metric

Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics relevant to your business goals. Gain insights into your company's health and make data-driven decisions.

Analytics to analyse Trends and Patterns

Go beyond basic reporting and leverage powerful analytics to uncover trends and patterns in your financial data. Gain a deeper understanding of your business performance.

Create Executive Summary

Quickly generate concise and insightful executive summaries that highlight key financial information and trends. Simplify communication with stakeholders.

Add workings in inbuilt Sheets

Maintain complete transparency with detailed workings embedded within ResultLane's built-in sheets.

Clone & Customize Pre-Built Models Or create from Scratch

Get a head start with pre-built models designed for your industry. Customize them for your specific needs, or build entirely new models for ultimate control.

Generate Financial statement by Dimensions or Profit Center

Analyze financial performance through different lenses. View statements by department, product line, location, or any other relevant dimension.

Single currency consolidation

Seamlessly consolidate financial statements from different subsidiaries into a consolidated view for a clear picture of your entire organisation's financial health.

Multi Currency Consolidation

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your multinational operations by consolidating financial statements in the group reporting currency, reflecting the group’s financial performance.

Single Level or Multi-Level Roll up

Effortlessly consolidate financial data from subsidiaries, sub-subsidiaries, and any level within your corporate structure, providing a consolidated view at the group level.

Inter-company Elimination

Automatically eliminate intercompany transactions between subsidiaries and parent to ensure accurate group-level financial reporting.

Use Workflow

Streamline your financial reporting workflow with clear step-by-step procedures. Assign tasks, track progress, and ensure timely completion of reporting processes.

Use observations and Artefact

Facilitate clear communication and knowledge sharing through observations and artefacts. Record comments and attach relevant documents directly within the reporting workflow for better collaboration and institutional knowledge.

Use Version controls

Track changes made to reports, models and data throughout the reporting process ensuring accountability and a clear audit trail.


Manage your financial tasks effortlessly keeping you organized and efficient. No more scattered work or missed deadlines – everything you need is right here, making your financial management smoother.

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